By Ben

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought would be “the perfect ad”?
Picture this, you snap a photo, go home later that day, load up the pictures, and notice that one of the photos looks like it could be on a billboard
somewhere. It is likely that you did and up until now, you had no
way to profit from it.

About Us provides an online
tool for casual, amateur or professional photographers
to sell their photos to companies, and
conversely, for advertisers to request photos
specific to their needs.
We do not sell stock photography, and we would like to avoid
the promotion of it on our site.
We bridge the gap between photographers and advertisers
targeting photos for a specific company or purpose.

A message from the founder…

I captured this photo of my sister-in-law
while vacationing during the summer of 2004.
Such a simple photo, caught at just the right
time got me thinking a number of things: no
lighting was set, nor actors present, no setup or preparation,
and it would most likely have cost a fortune to stage a photo to come out as
“sellable” as it did.
Morey Bodyboards could buy an excellent advertisement photo that they couldn’t
stage for this cost, and I could put some extra money in my pocket
by selling the photo. Without, the photo would only
be a keepsake.

So, rather than just try to sell it to Morey Boogie myself,
I thought bigger. Others probably have photos just like this
that companies could use. If you take photos with a digital camera,
even occasionally, I am sure that you have photos that companies
would want. Sign up as a photographer and post them up on
Put in a target company and we’ll be helping to
get your photo out there.


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