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The first photo is sold on adography

Mom Needs a Vacation

Mom Needs a Vacation

Congratulations to “Photographer At Heart” who posted the first photo that has ever sold on We are so happy that we are able to fill a need and we hope to use this success story as a proof of concept for potential advertisers. Thanks to Gail from TravelWows, who posted the want-ad and purchased the photo. Thanks also to Photographer At Heart who posted the photo that was sold and is a close friend of the site.

Background: Gail, from TravelWows, posted a want-ad asking for photos of “a 40ish mom in driver’s seat of a minivan shot from behind in an attitude of frustration and defeat”. Photographer At Heart posted the photo that Gail selected for her campaign. The photo sold for $20.

I also want to point out that $20 is very comparable in price to the same dimension photo on However, this photo was specially requested by Gail, since stock photography didn’t meet her needs.