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Turning feedback into backfeed

Recycle feedback back into the siteWe got a ton of feedback from the 9 people that were invited to super special private first-look of Thanks to Kampyle for easily taking the feedback, we have everything together with the page on which the problem/issue/nitpicking occurred. Our next step is to organize that and create working tickets (issues) that we need to resolve. While Kampyle is great for taking feedback, it lacks any true organization features to get things into development (i.e. trac, basecamp, etc). So, time to get to organizing and get to work. Stay tuned.


Getting ready for swarms of feedback

We are integrating Kampyle to gather feedback from our users. As we will be releasing to private beta to start, we know we will have a ton of feedback. And, since we are specially inviting every user, that feedback is more valuable than coming just from anyone.