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The first photo is sold on adography

Mom Needs a Vacation

Mom Needs a Vacation

Congratulations to “Photographer At Heart” who posted the first photo that has ever sold on We are so happy that we are able to fill a need and we hope to use this success story as a proof of concept for potential advertisers. Thanks to Gail from TravelWows, who posted the want-ad and purchased the photo. Thanks also to Photographer At Heart who posted the photo that was sold and is a close friend of the site.

Background: Gail, from TravelWows, posted a want-ad asking for photos of “a 40ish mom in driver’s seat of a minivan shot from behind in an attitude of frustration and defeat”. Photographer At Heart posted the photo that Gail selected for her campaign. The photo sold for $20.

I also want to point out that $20 is very comparable in price to the same dimension photo on However, this photo was specially requested by Gail, since stock photography didn’t meet her needs.


There’s a place for us

Flickr Logo

Flickr Logo

Photosharing is huge on the internet…we all know this. This writeup on techcrunch shows that there is a need for us in the photo marketplace space. Flickr has spent time and energy to create the marketplace, so it is obvious there is value to selling user photos online. There’s a supply of photos online and a demand for these photos to be used in advertising. We just provide the tool to connect the two.

It makes it apparent that we offer a niche marketplace in that photos are specifically for branded advertising, not just anything deemed worthy by a photographer. By giving photographers direction and instruction on marketplace needs (i.e. want-ads) that advertisers will really want to buy, we create the demand.

Competition is flattery. Even if it’s a big fish like Flickr (aka Yahoo).