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Thanks for the writeup, Techcrunch


It’s a great day for us at adography, as we were just written up on the very popular tech blog, Techcrunch. We are very excited about the write-up and appreciative for all the kind words about our idea, service and website.

I feel it best for us to assert our focus and make it public. We have learned that our unique product offering is that we allow companies to request custom photographs, and are focused on fulfilling that need. We are toying with new tag-lines, like “Adography: When stock photography just wont do” and discussing the trials and tribulations that companies face when trying to purchase ad photos.

Along these lines, we have a very small set of targeted goals for the moment, and they are as follows:

  1. Create a great community of amateur photographers through online PR.
  2. Get advertisers/companies to join and submit want-ads for specific photos. We’ll use these want-ads to promote the opportunity to photographers.
  3. Enhance the feature set and user experience. We have had swarms of feedback already, and we are filtering out the highest priority items, which we work on over the next couple of months.

Our success depends on our community of users, so please provide feedback, good or bad, and we will be sure to respond with our thoughts. We value every community member and feel that if you take the time to join and provide feedback, the least we can do is respond.

Oh yeah, and since we’re still new, if you know any photographers or companies that need advertising, please share our service with them.